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  1. dan maceda

    sent Director Majett an email with this info got no answer checked the DC sites still same info
    permits for these properties have been accepted
    616 NY Ave 0451 822 # Application ID: R1100114
    according to the Office of Tax and revenue database no real estate taxes have been paid since 9/19/2008 and 102,708 is owed

    607 K St NW 0451 811
    Application ID: R1100115
    according to tax and revenue no tax paid since 9/18/ 2008 and 43,335.57 owed,

    620 NY Ave 0451 830 Application ID: R1100113
    according to tax and revenue no tax paid since 9/19/2008 83,612.09 owed.
    I called the Permit Office to ask if the Clean Hands Law is being applied to the processing of these permits. They referred me to a Mr. Henry . I called and left a voice message requesting a call back.
    Would really like to see the DC laws enforced and looking at the websites if the tax info is accurate why weren’t the properties on the delinquent property sales list in July

  2. Si Kailian

    A good question but having different companies for different properties probably deals with that…

    I had a nice chat with the owner the other day, he’s in good spirits and looking for another place, hopefully staying in the neighborhood.

  3. dan maceda

    If your comment of different companies is in response to my comment I don’t know what you mean, My point is quite simply no permit should be granted until the taxes are paid. incidentally each of these properties is listed as owned by the same LLC with the same agent applying for the raze permit.