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  1. sm

    I’ve passed this park several times this summer, and I was saddened by the condition of the trees. I know it’s been a hot and dry summer this year, and that the problem of dessicating trees is widespread, but I asked myself how the people who live in the area could help water these trees in this park close to to our buildings. More than anything, I think what this park needs is shade from healthy trees and plant life. That corridor between 3rd and Union Station on Mass Ave is like a vast wasteland right now. I could really imagine this park be more like an oasis, so that people driving into the Triangle from this direction will see it and have a good impression of the neighborhood.

  2. FP

    whatever it is, i hope it’s better than that monstrosity outside of busboys and poets.

  3. LB

    Well DC doesn’t yet have a giant statue of Marion Barry, but I expect that would go to ward 8.

  4. Si Kailian

    very cool! just sent to one of our local artists.

  5. Bo

    outrageous that the madrigal lofts statue on i street is still not installed

  6. Bruce

    FP: “whatever it is, i hope it’s better than that monstrosity outside of busboys and poets.”

    Agreed. That weird melted blue thing covering half of one of CityVista’s exhaust vents–thereby presumably undermining the energy efficiency of the building–isn’t much better. If this is the kind of art that gets installed in our neighborhood, I say we pass on it.

  7. M Street

    LOL – maybe I’m in the minority, but I actually LIKE the yellow sculpture outside Busboys & Poets. It’s bright and playful, and I like the large scale of it.

  8. Mike@555 Mass

    I like the sculpture in front of Busboys and Poets, too! It is fun and playful and is quite popular amoung certain neighbors who use it as a momentary perch. Honestly, I don’t see why people are so negative about it.

  9. FourthandEye

    A couple of thoughts:

    1) My initial reaction to Lift Off was that I was not a fan but didn’t hate it. Over time I thought I’d mellow and become more accepting. That hasn’t really happened. Instead I’ve slid firmly into the position that random twisted metal art with no connection to the location’s history was a missed opportunity. The public art RFP for that corner of 5th and K issued years ago should have made an emphasis that the installation honor the beautiful old Northern Liberty Market (Image) that once occupied the land.

    2) Considering Lift Off, Inspiration, and the yet to be installed art at Madrigal are all abstract twisted metal I hope future art installations, like this RFP at 3rd & Mass, go in a different direction…

  10. Bo

    Inspiration! Deterrent is a more appropriate title.

    I agree with FourthandEye. All of these snazzy, modern, urban designs quickly go out-of-style. Think 4-button suits.

  11. Bo

    I guess I’m okay with the leaf.

    Also, just to be clear… Are we talking about the large plot bordered by Mass, 2nd St, and H st? Or are we talking about the smaller plot where the x2 and 80 bus stop is?

    The larger plot of land just has a tree in the middle and could use something. Wouldn’t a big fountain be sweet?

    Since I’m on a brain dump of ideas, does anyone think that larger park will improve, get worse, or stay the same if/when Wal-Mart and the 395 building happen?

  12. Mike

    Look, the last thing the area needs is a $50,000 sculpture. The area seems to have become a dogs paradise. Only there’s no grass areas to take the dogs and this is another that would be taken away. I wish we’d work on creating more green space rather than taking it away.