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  1. sharon

    Is it actually a Ray’s Hellburger that’s moving in or a different concept by the owners of Ray’s Hellburger?

  2. FourthandEye

    I work in Rosslyn near the original Hellburger and Ray’s The Steaks. So I’ve seen that Landrum moves at his own pace and occasionally calls audibles. But the last we heard was that he planned a Hellburger for City Vista (Eden’s & Avant Site Map)

  3. M Street

    I noticed the Ryse sign this morning…very exciting. I also peeked into the Chipotle as I walked by and noticed that the menu board is up, but the place still looks like it has a ways to go before it’s ready to open. It’s also quite a small space…wonder if they will put tables on the sidewalk?

  4. kcr211

    For what it’s worth, a bartender at Mandu told me that the Ray’s would be a Hellburger during the day and a Steaks at night. This seems dubious to me, but, hey, just reporting what I heard.

  5. FourthandEye

    @kcr211 – that would be very cool.

  6. 555 Resident

    It looks like Vida won’t open until Winter 2012 according to a message on its Facebook page.

  7. Si Kailian

    I just inquired with Vida and they told me early 2012.

  8. dan maceda

    from Vida
    Our CityVista location won’t be open until February 2012. I can definitely assist you with membership here at the Renaissance location at 9th and K Street in the meantime and when that location opens, we can move your membership there.

    Let me know how I can assist you!

    Thank you very much!

    Richie Poe
    Assistant General Manager
    VIDA Fitness @ Renaissance
    3rd Floor, Renaissance Hotel 999 9th St NW at I Street

  9. Adam K

    February 2012? Simply amazing how it will take 18 months for one gym to replace another, particularly when perfectly good equipment was already there.

  10. Bruce

    Adam K: If their other locations are any indication, Vida needs to rewire the place to blast the same eight songs over the loudspeakers on an endless loop.

    And maybe they’ll stick one of those infinity pools in there.

  11. Tony

    Um… banks aren’t exactly throwing loads of loan money at people these days. I’m sure that has something to do with the 18 month delay. Vida at U Street just opened, so would you really expect 2 locations of the same gym chain to open simultaneously or within a short time-frame? I’m sure Vida’s priority has been to get U Street opened. Everything else is probably back burner.

  12. dan maceda

    What amazes me is that they are able to pay rent on a property and keep it vacant just to avoid the competition that is assuming they are paying rent . I wonder do they pay Community Improvement District taxes on the property while it’s vacant.As a City Vista Owner I wonder do they pay REA fees for the upkeep of the common areas under the REA Board?

  13. Peter

    I am so confused – I have seen postings in the building regarding VIDA opening with special rates to residents at CVista…can anyone clarify this? One posting said November and another said it was years away! Also when is Chipolte opening – I read it was going to be Sept 12?