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  1. PQS

    I can see the concern based on the floor plan. I wouldn’t want it in my bedroom. Turning on and off can be quite loud. Plus, it makes an already small bedroom even smaller. This would keep me away if it looks and sounds similar to how I imagine it.

  2. xtra

    I don’t understand why ductless split systems haven’t become more prevalent. In a loft type apartment or one with few rooms they would seem to be an ideal situation. Most of them are sort of ugly, though, they aren’t that big. LG has one that is actually nice, the LG Art, that you can put a picture in. They hang on a wall and they basically function as a small heat-pump. You would probably have to have a smaller one in the bedroom and a larger one for the rest of the apartment. Then you don’t have to deal with any ducting for central air. You would just put the lines and refrigerant lines in.

  3. pqliving

    not changing the basic plan, I’d lose the computer nook and put the HVAC in its place for that plan.

    soundproofing the HVAC closet in its current spot would reduce the radiated noise. not an ideal spot as it stands but you’d be amazed at what you can do.

  4. CVBoi

    I am at CV and have my HVAC in my bedroom just 3 feets awat from the edge of my bed. I worried about it when I first moved in but I hardly hear it :)

  5. Anonymous

    I’m at the V as well… you can’t hear it in the bedroom really when the door is closed, but there’s an “exhaust” type grate that goes to the living room that is a bit loud when it runs. But I love the central hvac control compared to radiators or window units and such.

  6. Kimberly

    We live in the K at City Vista and our HVAC is in the guest bedroom. While we’re not in there as often as our living room or master bedroom, we’ve had plenty of guests stay in the guest br and haven’t heard any complaints. And the guest br still fits a tall dresser, bookshelf, queen bed, and nightstand–it doesn’t feel overcrowded either.

  7. dino

    It’s basically the same design at 555 Mass except that the door opens into the living room vice the bedroom. With a solid-core door, what’s the difference?

  8. City Vista K

    I had the same concern when I moved in three months ago but have found that it is incredibly quiet. It would be nice not to lose the space in the bedroom but the noise is a non-issue.

  9. Anonymous

    Noise is a total non-issue. I have one in my guest bedroom and I literally don’t think I’ve ever heard it.

    Personally, I’d rather have it in the bedroom than in the living room, where aesthetics and living space are more important.