8 Responses to “What NYC Restaurant should come to DC?”


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  1. FourthandEye

    Casual dining is more my thing than fine dining. So off the top of my head I’d nominate the The Meatball Shop from the Lower East Side. I may toss an endorsement for a couple others after I have a chance to put more thought into it.

  2. Bruce

    Rickshaw Dumpling House. It’s an inexpensive fast casual restaurant that serves six or seven different kinds of dumplings, among other things. It’s one of the things I miss most about New York.

  3. FourthandEye

    My favorite NY Pizza would be Lombardi’s in Little Italy. But considering they’ve never opened additional locations in the NYC area after all these years I doubt they’d expand to DC.

  4. SG

    Please no more NY stuff. At least find gems from other cities. The New York franchises always end up being overrated, like most things from NY. It’s the emperor’s new clothes up there. Let’s get some restaurants from Chicago- now we’re talking

  5. DAA

    Sushi Samba

  6. Richko

    Il Mulino! Oh, wait…

  7. anonym

    Dinosaur BBQ!

  8. Sarah

    ok, we’ve got places to eat. How about something for the kids? Make this a bit more of a neighborhood then a place where people come to eat and leave? Or am I the only parent living in the Triangle?