7 Responses to “WCP: Glut City?”


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  1. Brandon

    Good job of highlighting the positive that the media omitted.

  2. si

    i totally agree, sure it takes a while but things are still moving along. The location is stellar with all of the basic needs in easy walking distance. Not to mention the museums, restaurants, entertainment – you sneeze and you are there! And the views…If I were to buy a condo this is the first place I’d look.

  3. pqresident

    I was at City Vista recently to have a look-see. the developer wants to move those condos and there is a price point at which they will move.

    hint: it isn’t the asking price so you just have to ask.

  4. elyse

    I looked at several models at city vista and the floor plans are awful! How can any developer put HVACs in the middle of a room?

  5. elyse

    I looked at the city vista models and was very disappointed. How can any developer put an HVAC unit in the middle of a wall?

  6. pqresident

    many condos have their HVACs in the middle of the wall. this is not uncommon. the question is which wall. it’s usually better to have it at the very front of the condo but it doesn’t always work out that way. in my condo it’s in a closet next to the bathroom.

  7. fourthandeye

    Re: HVAC

    Looking at the City Vista floorplans it seems many of the HVAC closets are corners of the bedrooms. They protrude into the bedrooms changing the room from a perfect square in six walled space.