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  1. Scott

    I was very excited about the potential for a wine bar to open nearby, but prices STARTING at $9 per glass. We do not need that! We need some good, affordable neighborhood places to open.

  2. Bruce

    How much for a soda?

  3. @Scott – $9 a glass for non-happy hour is not exhorbitant. affordable depends largely on where one lives and the quality of the venue. although they do have bottle specials at $18/bottle for bottom rung wines, the cheapo Malbec at Clyde’s is $7.50 a glass. it’s not really going to go much lower unless you’re into Barefoot. (and there’s nothing wrong with that.)

  4. cbr

    I have to agree. Starting at $9 may not be “exorbitant” but it’s certainly not “affordable.” And it certainly sends a message to potential patrons. Far nicer establishments (Clyde’s is an overpriced, underwhelming chain and not a good example here) in this city do the right thing and offer $6+/wines — Tel’veh would do well to do the same.

  5. FourthandEye

    I’m not very knowledgeable about wine bars. But Room 11 in Columbia heights has one $6 wine by the glass in each category (red, white, sparkling) and the rest are pretty much $9 and up.

    Agora has a few $7 and $8 glasses and the rest are $9 and up. Their wine menu also has this note on the bottom: “Try a 1 ounce tease for $1 – a portion of the proceeds will go to a no-kill animal shelter. One teaser per wine please”

  6. like the teaser idea.