2 Responses to “Interior Buildout of 425 Eye Completed”


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  1. sm

    With all the buzz going on regarding Eataly opening in DC, a gigantic store/restaurant/eatery produced by Mario Batalia and Joe Bastianich, wouldn’t it be great if it opened here in Mount Vernon Triangle in 425 Eye?


  2. Bruce

    SM: While I’d love for Eataly to open in this neighborhood, the retail space at 425 Eye is only a small fraction of the size of Manhattan’s Eataly. While I wouldn’t be surprised if the DC Eataly ends up being smaller than its Manhattan counterpart, I think 425 is just too small a space for them to want to put the Eataly name on.

    (Yes, I know that 425 Eye is actually a fairly large retail space, but the Manhattan Eataly is absolutely enormous; 425 Eye simply doesn’t compare.)