5 Responses to “Burrito-fication In Progress”


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  1. Mike

    This is really disappointing to see. There’s a chipotle already in Chinatown. Would have been nice to see something worth eating at. A bakery/deli would have been ideal.

  2. cbr

    Agree with Mike. When is the coffee shop opening? It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about it.

  3. washingtonydc

    If City Vista is going to have a fast-food chain, there are a lot worse options than Chipotle. I never consider going to the one in Chinatown because it’s always mobbed (either inside with customers or outside with kids loitering) so this location makes me happy. And in terms of a bakery/deli, Ryse may help fill that niche whenever it finally opens.

    By the way, I hear the Chipotle is shooting for a late August opening.

  4. M Street

    Hooray! I think Chipotle is a great addition to C.V. Can’t wait until it opens. Not sure why folks would be disappointed…it’s more upscale than most fast food places, the restaurants tend to be more visually appealing than most, and they have a proven track record. (BTW, I agree with the comment above — the Chipotle in Chinatown must be the busiest Chipotle in the world. It’s definitely the most crowded.)

  5. there’s no lack of demand for Chipotle. sign me up for two veggie soft tacos minus the 7th St crowd.