10 Responses to “WBJ: Donohoe to downsize 5th & Eye plans”


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  1. Mike@555 Mass

    Why can’t the buildings along 5th Street be incorporated into this development? Are the owners of these buildings holding out for more money? Is it that the possible tenants in the orginal project have backed out and Donohoe no longer needs these buildings? If development does not happen now that incorporates these buildings, then, when, if ever, will it happen? I live across the street and went to the meetings where we lobbied the ANC to approve this particular project. I understand that times have changed and our economy has taken a hit, but I am quite afraid of having a development that serves to forever stunt any growth in our neighborhood and leaves us undesirable to pedestrians. We HAVE to have ground floor retail, etc. to continue to pull people into the Triangle. Do others agree with me?

  2. FourthandEye

    In late 2009 it was said the owner of 915 5th Street was a determined holdout. Atleast they actually operate a business out of the townhouse. But we need to make sure the owners of the vacant properties are paying the blighted property or sell to someone willing to develop.

  3. FourthandEye

    While I’m flexible enough to let go of Me by Melia hotel we need a much better end result than a redux of the Hampton Inn on 6th Street. The Hampton Inn adds almost nothing to the neighborhood other than valets causing some chaos on 6th Street. The Hampton Inn has no retail or interaction with the pedestrian realm.

  4. FourthandEye

    WBJ posted a followup a few hours later stating DMPED will consider this summer whether to continue with Donohoe or put the project up for RFP again.

    A new RFP probably sets everything back another 18+ months. I don’t believe you can’t mandate in a new RFP that a development team acquire adjacent properties. So a new RFP offers no assured improvement on that front. So I think it boils down to 1) is two hotels and retail good enough or do we expect more from this DC owned parcel 2) should a new partner be sought b/c the current group hasn’t done enough to push this forward 3) Should a new RFP be issued purely on principle

  5. Jay

    The folks at 915 5th Street need to get a reality check. Perhaps they should read what happened to the old Ledo building. The properties on 5th Street are a complete embarrassment, and Louis Rogue needs to go. I cannot believe that the buildings on 5th / Louis are being “historically preserved.” For preservation to work, the buildings can’t already be in shambles. Every time I walk by there with friends, I try to distract them. This is really bad news that I pray will not set development of this key Mount Vernon Triangle area back another 2 years.

  6. The developer should be at the next MVSNA meeting on Tuesday june 21st, 7:30pm, Yale lobby

  7. Sarah

    I can’t believe they are running a buisness out of buildings that should be condemmed. Is that even legal?

  8. FourthandEye

    915 5th Street (pic) is actually in good shape.

  9. Chris K

    If they were able to obtain the other properties along 5th Street, could they just build over/around 915 5th Street? I’m not sure how air rights work above a building.

  10. FourthandEye

    In December 2009 Donohoe/Holland suggested that they might be able to build in two phases. The hotel phase to the south of 915 5th Street and a residential phase to the north of it.

    I don’t think they’ve COMPLETELY 100% given up on that plan. But they no longer want to portray it as the likely outcome.

    They’ll be going before the ANC in September and will have more to share with us by then.