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  1. 555 MASSER

    Is this going to effect the zone 6 parking zones? I am just curious if there is any connection between wards and parking zones. There is a row of zone 6 parking on I street between 5th and 6th I would hate to see leave.

  2. Updated map:

    One thing I didnt notice is that they did put the tip of the triangle into 6, awesome. This will include Douglas Development’s NAMC Development & NPR. But then 400, 300 & 450 mass are isolated from 2 & PQ despite being south of Mass.

    I (and others) are also displeased about moving half of the “chimney” into Ward 5. It is part of the MVSQ historic district and is isolated from ward 5 by Dunbar and the NY Ave playground. The residents and activists there have a strong relationship with Ward 6.

    One thing I like about being in a neighborhood with houses, apts & condos is the opportunity to mix it up. There is a real opportunity to promote diverse and interesting communities a less of an us vs them same old story. (Its also good for some nice views for both the high rises and the houses.) I dont feel like city Vista is in a different neighborhood just because I live a few ft north of NY Ave…:)

  3. FourthandEye

    @555 MASSER – yes, parking permits are connected to Wards.

  4. There are rumblings of adjusting the Ward – Parking Zone relationship. I’d love to see a 2 zone option. you get your Ward/zone but you also get the neighboring # of your choice. Or at least expand the overlap area a bit more than a block.

  5. 555 MASSER

    Rest assured the signs for the parking read “zone 2/6″.

  6. Sarah

    Will this redistricting of lines change the school zones? By moving the line over? Or in the wisdom of DC – do they not mesh these two.