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  1. right now most of the Triangle is in Ward 6. the western tip & Mount Vernon Square itself are in Ward 2 along with the Mount Vernon Square Historic District. The “Chimney” is in Ward 6 and the New York Ave Playground is in Ward 5. right now we are super broken up which we have been dealing with for 10 years – challenging for sure. While cohesiveness would be wonderful, would that be acceptable if we all, for example, ended up in Ward 5?

    I’d love for us all to be in Ward 6 but we should also ponder the reasons for being in a particular Ward that go beyond who currently represents it. I remember the Sharon Ambrose days, I dont even know what she looked like, we never saw her.

    It’ll be a fun discussion. If we want to have any influence, it has to go beyond blog commenting so I encourage interested neighbors to please come.