6 Responses to “CORE Architects share 433 Mass renderings”


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  1. E.

    What is that on the front of the building?? Weird!

  2. JM

    How on earth would you keep the rear side of the glass clean? I just think while this might look good on day 1 when the sparkle is still present that it will age horribly over time.

  3. Ballaholic

    LOVING IT!!!

  4. M Street

    I don’t really understand all the elements…but I like it anyway. Especially the glassed-in roof garden. It’s very sleek and modern, and I think all the glass works well in a space that might otherwise seem very small and enclosed by the surrounding buildings.

  5. interesting. it’s half modern like 455 Mass and half brick like 425 Mass. a nice blending between the two buildings. I wondered if they have the air rights about it to build it 12 stories tall. :)

    @JM – the glass is far enough away from the brick that getting a squeegee in there won’t be an issue.

  6. corduroy’s sister space? One can dream…