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  1. mediocre bad guy

    I don’t know if I agree with you about on the construction… A bit of insider neighborhood construction history: 400 mass is a beautiful building but was constructed hastily, as a result they have spent months and months dealing with architectural forensics trying to figure out the sources of facade leaks etc etc.

    In regards to the noise, if the people who were talking about noise over at 555 don’t want any they should move to the suburbs or woodley park (Or they should buy a unit facing the courtyard).

    We do have to respect each others space living in a denser neighborhood but people not only have the right to peace and quiet at the most reasonable times of night but they also have the right to let loose and crank up the sound every once in a while. Would I rather have a dead neighborhood than one filled with the hustle and bustle of cafes, bars, and perfomers? Definitely not.

    What do we think makes cities like london, paris and new york so interesting?

  2. 555 Resident

    Are you talking about this issue?



    I’m not sure where you got the information, but this was never a major issue for 555 Mass residents… Even though the band did practice (quite loudly) after 9pm on a few occasions last summer… So please do not label my neighbors and I as intolerant.

    I also recommend you check this post:

  3. mediocre bad guy

    Hi 555,
    Just to clarify I’m not talking about any of the issues you linked to but rather this one:


    Don’t feel like I just labeled your whole entire building as intolerant because that was clearly not the case but rather that the one person who posted this complaint was, to me, making a huge deal out of some expected city noise. Now if this was to happen at 4am maybe I would join them in being annoyed. However living in a city much more dense than DC as I am living now I can say that the sort of neighborly duty one has does not mean ceasing all noise at all hours of the day.

    The one thing I will not tolerate on this blog are people who get too easily offended and or defensive about posts. This is a blog for everyone to express their opinions and concerns and for a dialogue to ensue.