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  1. Anonymous

    You think this is bad. Wait till the drug dealers discover this spot. We could head back to the way things were when Fun Fair was open.

  2. fourthandeye

    This certainly isn’t outrageous. But why wait for it to get to that level before becoming concerned. I’ve notified Tommy Wells office and the MVT CID who have helped nip this sort of thing in the bud before.

  3. Anonymous

    And with the Dumont sitting empty for only who (but them) knows how long, there are really no “eyes” on that street.

  4. Anonymous

    The institutional owner of the CAAB overpaid for the building a few years ago and is now upside on the acquisition. Time will tell to see if any improvements or a renovation pans out. I doubt it.

  5. RobA

    On the way walking back from the DNA meeting last night, there were two asleep in that area.

  6. MVTNoob

    Are there any updated pictures of this area – has the new building eliminated the sunken patio and moved the first floor to ground level? How about other issues of homeless and prostitutes in the general area around 4th & I? I am planning to buy a unit at the Madrigal Lofts and am curious how the neighborhood has developed since the last comments on this post.

  7. FourthandEye

    Most recent photos I’ve taken were in November 2009.

    The sunken patio is gone. The ground floor of the building is being converted to nearly 30,000 SF of retail. The landlords are hoping to secure a restaurant tenant for the corner of 4th & I. I’ve not heard any rumors with legs on the possible tenants. Since the ground floor of this building has lower than ideal ceiling heights it may take them longer to secure tenants than it did at City Vista and 455 Mass.

    As for the homeless. Over the next several years you will undoubtably see some of them here and there. But atleast the full scale mass camp site they set up in Jan 2009 in the patio of this building is a thing of the past.