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  1. Mase

    I prefered the prior incarnation. The red-ish brick is now to D.C. what developing-country-yellow is to developing countries. Too much.

  2. I like the red brick and think it’ll contrast nicely with CityVista across the street.

    I think I like the prior design better, though. I like its historic-ish looking windows and industrial-ish vibe over the more modern look of the current design.

  3. FourthandEye

    As far as color mainly I’m just hoping that at the end of the design it isn’t a faint orange. There are already 5 or 6 orange bricked residential hi-rises within a 1.5 blocks of this site. A little diversity would be welcome. This red is fine with me.

  4. Shipsa01

    I agree on the need for diversity. It seems like with any new building proposal it’s either ‘make it look like the Convention Center’ or ‘make it look like the GPO building.’ It doesn’t seem like too much out of the box thinking.

    Also, I would love to see a rendering sans Louis Rouge.

  5. Tony

    The second rendering gets my vote. That first one just does not do it for me – YAWN! Perhaps it’s just a bad picture, but I’ll take warm and orange anytime over whatever color that is in the first rendering. Also, the design of the first rendering looks more commercial than residential. I’m just glad that SOMETHING is going there and that we can return (slowly, but surely) to being known as the land of the shrinking parking lots again. : )

  6. M Street

    I definitely prefer the new version. I’m a fan of red brick. and it kinda reminds me of the Yale Lofts, which I like.

  7. I think @Shipsa01 is right. it’s GPO building red/orange. I guess architectural courage doesn’t pay the bills. :(

  8. Bo

    I guess I prefer the orange rendering, though neither is too exciting. Just build SOMETHING. Let’s get it on!

  9. John Thompson

    I’m a fan of the windows in the first design mixed with the top floor architectural features of the 2nd rendering. I’m normally a fan of the red brick, but I think something more on the beige to white side would actually look great if they did a hybrid design of the 2 designs.

  10. Y-Man

    Red brick can look great or it can look like crap. Depends on the caliber of the materials. Based on past work I don’t expect this architect to scape the bottom of the barrel on materials.