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  1. Anonymous

    There is retail space in Mass Court and 400 Mass that has been vacant for years now. Will it every be filled?

  2. fourthandeye

    I’ve heard no recent news on the space at Mass Court and 400 Mass. All I can say is retail is more successful when it’s clustered. Hopefully those spots garner more interest as Buddha bar opens up and office workers and residents move into into 455 Mass and the DuMont respectively.

    Keep in mind while the vacancies seem wasteful short term these buildings are going to be around 30+ years. It’s better to have some vacancies now then determine after full build out there isn’t enough. Back in the early part of the decade I lived in a hi-rise neighborhood where most buildings lacked ground floor retail and what we did have was just convenience retail (tiny market, dry cleaners). It was soul sucking and our segment of Mass Ave can do better than that (eventually).