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  1. sm

    Sounds like another great addition to the local food scene in the Triangle. But I wonder to myself whether the name, when translated, might confuse people and make them think it’s another place to buy marijuana. LOL!

  2. Well if it was the “Big House of Pot” that would be one thing, but as long as Capitol Hemp is at 519 H Street I think their status as “neighborhood retailer most likely to be perceived as a place to buy marijuana” is safe.

  3. cozmot

    It will take a while, because it’s just an empty lot now. But it’s squeezing out one of the last few lots downtown. This will be another great addition to 6th Street. Maybe Muse will get the point and sell their liquor license to another great restauranteur. (They don’t know how to run a club very well, so certainly wouldn’t know how to run a restaurant.)

  4. PQer

    TO “SM” – I’m excited about this too – but for the record 6th and G NW (where this is going) is not a new addition to the “Triangle” – it’s a new addition to Penn Quarter/Chinatown (as reflected in Big Pot’s press release)- but you Trianglers are of course always welcome to enter our hood.