5 Responses to “7-Eleven to Mass Court?”


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  1. Eric S.

    Not sure what you have against Slurpees and Taquitos — or the more popular large-size fountain drink smorgasbord and the fill-it-yourself / mix-your-own-flavor coffee bar (with 99-cent refills). CVS is a great place for convenience items; 7-Eleven is a great place for convenience foods (especially when you just need a drink or don’t need a ginormous burrito).

  2. FourthandEye

    I don’t have anything against slurpees. I just think 7-Eleven is mostly redundant in product offerings to CVS. The only extra they offer, as you say, is the convenience food. I’m not expecting much price competition either…

  3. Big D

    I love the Venn diagram!

  4. Crackers

    I hope that the customer service at the 7-11 would be better than that CVS….

  5. Peter

    I would love a 7 11 in the neighborhood – CVS customer service is awful…and 7 11 is quicker in customer turn around. Also it would be another place for coffee people to pick up some coffee