7 Responses to “Douglas Development press release on Sixth Engine”


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  1. FP

    I live at 400 Mass, and while I welcome a tenant for that space, I would hate to have annoying drunk people hanging around directly in front of my building, yelling and being otherwise unpleasant.

  2. Josh

    FP — You’re right to be concerned because everyone knows that annoying drunk people hang out in front of every food establishment. Just a fact of life.

  3. FP

    @Josh — way to be obnoxious. Judging from the owners’ previous enterprises, this place will likely serve alcohol until late night. And based on the venue, they will surely have outdoor seating. so, it’s likely that there will often be annoying drunk people being loud directly in front of 400 Mass. i think this is a legit concern.

  4. CB

    Doesn’t buddha bar serve alcohol late and have outdoor seating? And isn’t that more of a club/lounge? Pretty sure this is a neighborhood restaurant and bar. Not sure there’s a lot to get hot and bothered about here, especially since I heard a 7/11 (read open 24 hrs) is going into the currently vacant ground floor of 400 Mass.

  5. @FP So basically your view is that nobody in the district should be allowed to serve alcohol, because that might lead to drunk people being annoying outside someone’s building?

  6. FP

    @CB — Buddah Bar is not directly in front of a residential building, it’s directly in front of a commercial building.

    @MY — No, that is not my view. Did you read both of my comments?

  7. FourthandEye

    @CB – regarding 7/11 do you mean the vacant ground floor retail at 300 Mass (i.e. Mass Court)? Sixth Engine and CVS will occupy all the 400 Mass space.

    I haven’t heard the 7/11 rumor so if you have any info please pass along.