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  1. Shipsa01

    Can we start the wishlist for possible retail?

  2. FourthandEye

    Given the narrow and irregular shape of the retail space I think it’s best suited for a single user as you couldn’t carve much out in a subdivide. It seems geared to a restaurant/bar but I suppose it’s not out of the question it could lease to a mid-sized retailer like South Moon Under.

    This project moving forward should make the historic properties (444K and 460K) that flank it on either side more attractive for retail in the near future.

  3. M Street

    I’d love to see a Pulp here. South Moon Under would also be great, as would Lululemon.

  4. Shipsa01

    Can 444K be refit for a restaurant? I love that building and would like nothing more than to see a nice, upscale restaurant in it – like a Corduroy on 9th street.

    And just out of curiosity, what’s lululemon and Pulp?

  5. tod

    Any news on if they are still ontrack to meet their Q3 ground breaking target?

  6. M Street

    Pulp is a great shop for cards, gifts and paper products, near 14th & R. I think they have another shop on Capitol Hill as well. Lululemon sells women’s sports apparel. There’s one across the street from Whole Foods on P St. that seems to be doing very well.