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  1. Born here, stayed here

    Typical. I’m so sick of folks like this delaying business openings and contributing to the toxic climate that is starting a business in this city. The mind-numbing DC govt bureaucracy, the multi-tiered neighborhood boards and associations, whining neighbors. You live in a city with retail established when you moved in. My. GOD. And its Mass Ave.

    Can we try to get at least a 1/4 of the vibrancy of a Manhattan street? Not Manhattan, KS either…

  2. We need a city!

    Please, not another NIMBY!!! We have got to stop allowing these false and meaningless concerns delay and stop businesses from opening in the city. You bought a condo on Mass Ave for pete’s sake. If you don’t want to see or hear any signs of human life on your street then move to the far suburbs.

  3. Mike

    Absolutely! If one lives downtown, we lose all ability to complain about anything. Ever since the condo associations got rid of the adult video stores and single beer sales in the neighborhood, the place has gone straight downhill. I wish they would stop complaining about all quality of life issues. I miss the good ole’ days when prostitution on K St was accepted…

  4. Dan Augusto

    Its amazing that a liberal, progressive city becomes so knee-jerk intolerant and closed-minded whenever “development” is mentioned.

    As Ving Rhames said in Pulp Fiction. “You’ve lost your LA privileges” Meaning, you’ve lost your right to complain at this point. My cynical view is that the bureaucracy and the opposition is nothing more than extortion on the part of the city government to make sure the right palms get greased before construction begins.

    Witness what’s happening on Wisconsin Ave. with the new Giant. You’d think the neighborhood would welcome a new development that raises their property values and attracts a higher clientele.

  5. Jack

    The BAR guys are a bunch of entitled gtown douches. This has nothing to do with nimby and everything to do with a bunch of entitled trust fund babies who want to do whatever they feel like as if they are still at third edition and everyone around them are a bunch of drunk sorority girls.

  6. at least three other downtown condos have a restaurant operation on the ground floor and a condo above. at least one of those has a Master Board equivalent and I know that the restaurant made accommodations so that the residents could continue to claim their spaces as fully livable. if you want to play with downtown development then you have to follow the rules and that means considering your neighbors. you know neighbors…they’re the ones that will be patronizing and endorsing your restaurant. @Mike’s comment deserves a +1.