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  1. Dan Maceda

    The row house next to Bicycle Space is a blighted property which has been exempted since 2007 because it is for sale. The City is allowing owners to let their properties deteriorate through neglect this is destruction not preservation. In addition to these row houses the houses next to Yale Lofts II on New York Ave have no windows and the garbage bags used to cover them are frequently blown out. The diner on NY ave to be moved across the street which the ANC recently agreed to a waiver from blight has broken windows as does the house next to it.
    Considering that these are close to the Convention Center and downtown it gives a derelict impression to visitors.

  2. THF

    What, no Hofbrauhaus in the warehouse?!

  3. FourthandEye

    @THF – maybe we can convince Eric to let us bring our steins into the bikeshop after Oktober ride ;)

  4. You bet we’ll be lifting some pints and hosting if my read on IBG is accurate and they roll us into the mixed-use project!

    I’ve talked with Mr. Fuller of IBG Partners, and he seems to be very savvy with respect to the vibrancy a high-quality bicycle shop can create in a neighborhood, and the active/healthy/earning kind of resident that a bicycle shop like ours can help to attract.