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  1. Paul

    I submitted a comment on “Developers should be pissing their pants.” and it never appeared. Basically I signed a contract at Madrigal last Wednesday. I am still in the rescission period and could back out. If there is substance behind the Madrigal venting and I would benefit from knowing it – please share.

  2. mediocre bad guy

    Hi Paul,

    Sorry about your comment, blogger sometimes is notorious for doing weird shit like that. In any case; my comments about Madrigal are definitely coming from an outsiders perspective. In terms of sales experience on the “Developers…” post and about Construction quality in this post. I am an architect so I have a keen eye for less than perfect construction. However I wouldn’t base any decision on my judgment. Talk to folks who have already bought in Madrigal such as my co-contributor MLB. Any other Madrigal Lofter’s out there should comment on this one too!

    Buying a home is such a big and difficult process and it’s a real shame there isn’t a better forum/more support for people like us.

    I hope you have better luck with your experience than I did!