3 Responses to “WBJ: Mount Vernon Triangle to be seat of Buddha Bar”


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  1. suicide_blond

    i have to wonder if the neighborhood can reallly support two large scale asain restaurants?? asia 9 does a good job and is here…ive been to Buddha Bar in vegas…and yeah… im not convinced we need OR can support one here..

  2. fourthandeye

    I don't have a good feel for how many Asian restaurants the area can support. But I think Buddha Bar has deep pockets and would be picking this location based on what it will be in 4-8 years rather than purely on what it is now. Remember at buildout the the Triangle will have ~3500 residential units, K Street will significant office space and 5th & I will have a high end international hotel. Nearby the Triangle is the Old Convention Center site, NoMA, Northwest One, and the I-395 Air rights which will also add significant mixed use density to the area.

  3. Kimberly

    Are you really comparing Asia9 with Buddha Bar? I find Asia9′s food to vary in quality and taste, and the space feels kind of cafeteria-like to me–especially at lunch time when they are trying to push the specials on you.
    I’ve been to the Buddha Bar in Paris, and speaking from that experience, they are two totally different restaurants. Buddha Bar is a high-end restaurant with a loungy atmosphere and will cater to a different crowd than anything else in the neighborhood, IMO.