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  1. Cozmot

    Re the dry-walled windows at City Vista, it’s hard to see how this can slip by the HOA. If the HOA won’t take the initiative, the developer should press it. If I was considering buying at City Vista and saw this, I would walk.

    I’ve also noticed that some unit owners have used paper, sheets, blankets and what-not as window treatments. (“Margaret, have you seen the black spray paint?”) Most of these are no doubt temporary (the drywall obviously isn’t), but this sure can’t help sales.

    That said, this is one of the most lame things I’ve seen a condo owner do yet (assuming this isn’t a tenant).

  2. fourthandeye

    @Cozmot – District Chatter’s post says this is the unit immediately above Busboys. So it’s a very visible set of windows in “The K”. I believe delivery for the K began in the late summer. The building may not yet have met the minimum occupancy threshold to elect their first resident board member. Still, that just means the developer nipped this in the bud.

  3. Gold Fish

    I moved into th K last month and was told only around 30 units at the K have settled and moved in. That dry-wall does look bad :)

  4. Anonymous

    Wow. Just, wow. Ok, I’m not saying that it is even remotely a good idea to do that.. but, if I were to do that, I’d at least black out the windows first – duh!

  5. Cozmot

    @Goldfish, since you don’t have an elected board yet, I recommend that you contact your management company and ask them to enforce the bylaws and demand that the drywall be removed. They have the authority.