7 Responses to “I-395 Air Rights hits approval setback”


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  1. SC

    Rejected is too strong a word. The way the Zoning Commission operates on a project like this is they provide feedback on different components. Certain components have already been approved and locked in and no longer under consideration for revision. It appears the retail component is one of the last remaining items yet to be approved.

  2. tod

    With the heavy focus on office over residential, the project is going to be a mostly 9-5 destination. No amount of design tweeks will get around that.

  3. Tom

    Dreyfus was the developer that built Station Place near Union Station. Those offices are dead outside the typical 9-5 Mon-Fri timeframes. I’m glad the ZC is pushing for better.

  4. RobA

    The Zoning Commission did ask for more specifics at the previous hearing (on 12/6/2010) regarding the support of the park. In a letter from Casey Trees dated 12/28/2010, Casey Trees entered into a partnership with Center Place Holdings, DC Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association (MVSNA) to continue the improvement of the park. The $50K is now longer being used to provide trees. A master plan for the park will be developed in consultation with Parks and Recreation and MVSNA and the funds will be used to implement that plan. Once those planning meetings begin, then the stakeholders of the neighborhood will be able to present their thoughts and ideas for the park.

  5. otavio

    It would also be admirable if Dreyfus would take this opportunity to give the facades a more interesting look. The glass facades on these buildings are brutal. I think attractive and inviting retail spaces in buildings with glass facades is problematic in general. Please add more detail to these buildings.

  6. Vanessa

    I think that it is pivitol that there are some restaurants that would remain open along the park at night. As one who last year worked near union station and walk home to Mt. Vernon Sq. on a daily basis, I will say that area along is really not pleasant to walk through in the dark. That park was the one stretch where I frequently had people with comments and not much else around.

    There is so much potential because this would finally connect the night life (Dubliner, Art & Soul, Charlie Plamers, ect); union station shops; and Georgetown Law to all the development up in Mt. Vernon Square. It is really important to make this walkable AND BIKE friendly (the sidewalk is too skinny to bike and the traffic is horrible and this should be a major connection of the bike share stations across from Irish Times).