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  1. suicide_blond

    Buying local makes sense…and I think it perseveres, pardon the pun, the local flavor of regional specialties etc… i WANT Baltimore crab cakes to taste dif. from ones I get in Charleston…and I like that Philly sandwiches taste a wee bit dif from the ones in DC…. That said…. I have never had anything at Taylor that wasn’t wonderful… and I eat there far tooooo often :-)

  2. Dan Maceda

    Buying local makes sense but wonder just what is considered local? Is this bakery within the District? Which other businesses do they supply if any?

  3. I think this is an improvement, environmentally and physically. the imported bread was kinda tough, eating it was a workout! especially later at night.

  4. FourthandEye

    @Dan – I don’t know where locally they currently bake the bread. But the RI Insider blog reports Taylor Gourmet has the intention to renovate a bakery site on Rhode Island Ave NE in Woodridge.