3 Responses to “WP: 23 Used-Car Dealerships Closed in Citywide Crackdown”


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  1. PQS

    This whole thing rubs me the wrong way. As long as these ‘dealerships’ aren’t being used as fronts for drugs or prostitutions, etc., what’s the big deal? These are jobs and companies that the city government all of a sudden decided are not worth keeping. This is their livelihood and some politician/bureaucrat is ordering them to shut down b/c it doesn’t fit some neat little definition in the thousands of pages of business regulation. What’s the practical difference between cars on lots being sold or as a temporary home before they are auctioned off or sent off to the buyer? Call me naïve, but this is just abusive.

  2. ABE

    PQS, you’re naive. You asked for it! haha, jk

    But yeah, there’s a good discussion of this on Frozen Tropics blog. These places are used to procure temporary tags with which to perpetrate crimes. They literally do not sell cars in DC. They do sell tags though, and that’s the major reason why they’re being shut down. I for one think that’s a GREAT reason, and I applaud the city govt for finally doing something about it.


  3. PQS

    If that’s the case, I agree it’s a problem. I guess I don’t trust the city to do their due diligence and close only those engaged in illegal activities.