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  1. Shipsa01

    I know there won’t be any at the SeVerna, but will the Yale West have any retail on the ground floor?

  2. Mike

    Any info on what will become of the two run down buildings right next to Yale West? You can them in the photo?
    Very curious if they are included as part of the project.

  3. FourthandEye

    I’m hoping one of our readers from Yale can answer both of your questions. I don’t know the answers.

  4. RobA

    One of those buildings would have been razed and one was being picked up and moved down the block. The initial plans are detailed here in the meeting notes: http://lifein.mvsna.org/index.cfm/2007/9/20/MVSNA-Meeting-Minutes-from-91807

    Things seem to have changed now though and details have not yet been made official.

  5. Dan Maceda

    How come things are allowed to change with no accounting for what is happening? As regards the taller old building why is deterioration by neglect allowed to go unchallenged? The windows have been covered by what appear to be large garbage bags and are regularly blown open. Jemal is allowed to plead for exemption from the vacancy blight tax because he says he is to have some development begin. It’s time to say put the tax money in an interest bearing escrow account to be released when the development begins. Why do we reward bad behavior , he allows his property to become blighted.