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  1. Anonymous

    I hear that the 5 cyclists litigating is now more than 20 and local bike clubs have reports of more than 50 cyclists who have crashed due to the tracks.

    I wish they had selected a different alignment or made a bicycle/pedestrian boulevard up Terry Ave like they were promising in the early design days.

  2. Cozmot

    This is a great posting! I hope that our city planners are studying Seattle’s streetcar system as they prepare for the one in Anacostia.

    While I sympathize with the problems the tracks have caused cyclists, they have different routes they can take. The city even gave them a bike lane on a parallel street. Forcing pedestrians into the median doesn’t make sense when cyclists have what appears to be a good alternative.

    This streetcar system was created for economic revitalization. These bicycles obviously weren’t contributing to this economic development, so they should move aside and let this $52 million investment work.

  3. fourthandeye

    Thanks for your comments. Personally, while I think cities can and should do more to accommodate bicycles, I don’t believe bicycle improvements on the main corridors should be done at the expense of either pedestrians or mass transit.

    Whether it’s Seattle or DC the downtown streets are laid out in a grid pattern. I would identify a parallel street to the main corridor and make the genuine bicycle improvements like a separated bike lane and bike boxes. If after creating a safe street for cyclists they still lament about how the streetcar corridor one or two blocks away is not as bike-friendly then tough shit.