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  1. d

    there is nothing historical about this building. is really ugly.
    it is better to tear it down n bring some need tax $ the city needs.
    they should have retail in the ground thought

  2. JV

    The building is hideous in its current state but, despite the naysayers who lack imagination, it would have potential with installation of fabulous windows and a cornice.

  3. Stephen Kinney, MD

    I have walked by this building over the years as the area has developed around it. I always thought it could make great lofts on the upper levels with replacement of the now existing brick with windows. Street level could be dedicated to retail such as a restaurant or even offices. Parking could be negotiated with City Vista or the Paradigm construction nearby. As noted by JV in the previous post, with some imagination, you would be surprised, how unique this building could become in an area surrounded by new construction.

  4. Shipsa01

    You guys should check out Layman’s musings about Yglesias’ post – he’s really ripping into the kid for getting his facts mixed up: http://urbanplacesandspaces.blogspot.com/2011/01/more-about-matt-yglesias-building.html

  5. sigh, somebody recently pooed on it. I am all for preservation but this one is a brick box. HP got all kooky and wouldnt even let bozutto just make a taller brick box, they insisted on the glass thing on top of it. that kinda had – not going to happen in our lifetime – written all over it. I wish they’d at least go for temporary use, make great artist studios.

  6. I’m glad Layman was able to bring some additional facts to bear on this, but I don’t think any of his high dudgeon really changes the fact that the aesthetic value of this “historic” building is low and it would be better to facilitate the lot’s transition to some form of use.

  7. Dave

    We have so few bunkers left in the Triangle! IT’d be a shame if we lost this one…