2 Responses to “Where have former City Vista Results members landed?”


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  1. Lisa

    I signed up at Vida in September after hearing it was highly likely they would sign the lease at City Vista. I’ve been going to the Verizon location one or two nights a week plus both weekend days. I’m finding it a little more difficult to muster the motivation to go on the weeknights with the brutally cold weather. I’m thinking if I changed my schedule and went immediately after work it would be an easier routine to stick to. In the 7pm timeframe how congested is Vida? At that time of the evening is it less congested at Renaissance than Verizon?

  2. adam k

    WSC has been a good substitute, although I really don’t enjoy running there in 3 degree weather at 6:45am which is when I work out. The $59/mo rate for former CV Results members is great.