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  1. PQS

    Great recap. Thanks. Information on the development has always been sparce. Did they mention anything about development along 3rd St like Church Square and the unfinished side of the building at 3rd and H st? That has been quite the eye sore.

  2. fourthandeye

    @PQS – no update on timelines on that. As a Sonata resident you probably know the details they did disclose. Wilkes/QDC plan to build a mirror building to the Sonata at 3rd & H St alongside AIPAC. The Church Square is a partnership with Mount Carmel Baptist Church. They plan to build a residential building, a K-thru-3 school and more church parking.

  3. pqresident

    thanks for this useful update. I suspect that financing conditions will play a role in the decision to move forward with development. the good news is that we live in a fairly recession proof town and a lower cost alternative will always be attractive to some.

  4. Kimberly

    Any information on knocking down Tony Cheng’s property next to the Fun Fair Video on 5th btw I and K?

  5. fourthandeye

    @Kimberly – Tony Cheng attended the community walk with Councilmember Tommy Wells. I would hope his vacant property came up, but I was having my own side conversation and didn’t hear all the discussions that went on. I recommend reinforcing your opinion that action needs to be taken against that vacant property on Tommy’s blog.