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  1. John Thompson

    What a COOL building! Too bad it’s gone, I could see some AMAZING loft, live/work space potential in that place!

  2. Shipsa01

    Thanks for noting how wide 6th street is. Reminded me of the first Mt. Vernon Square redevelopment meeting, when a city planner who was in attendance proposed that 9th and 6th streets be made one way each – with 9th going Southbound from Mass to Penn and 6th going Northbound from Penn to Mass. His idea was to enlarge the sidewalks on 7th making it more of a pedestrian boulevard and take the buses completely off of it – running them on 6th and 9th. There was a woman from the City office of Planning who debunked the option saying that 6th couldn’t handle the traffic. Looking at the photos, it def. seems like it could. Thoughts?

  3. i’m sure the road could handle it, but one-way streets turn into freeways or traffic sewers.

    i’m all for wider sidewalks and narrower streets, but i’d rather that the streets all be two-way. it slows traffic, makes it easier for drivers to actually get to their destinations, makes things more predictable for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, and leads to better neighborhoods.