6 Responses to “Updated Aerial Renderings for I-395 Air Rights Development”


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  1. they still need to work on this. i understand the need to be dense as possible due to the height restrictions in the city, but this is uninspired.

    (BTW, nice new logo!)

  2. Shipsa01

    Agree with IMGoph – very uninspiring and still too Tech World-ish. I’m not an architect or engineer, but would be very interested to hear what other ideas people have.

  3. RobA

    Residential will be located in the middle block and with the right retail/restaurant mix, I don’t see why people wouldn’t walk to this location. They’re walking 4-5 blocks now to go to City Vista.

  4. FourthandEye

    @RobA – it takes a large base of potential walkers to enliven a pedestrian only area. One or two residential buildings isn’t that critical mass.

    The Courthouse plaza in Arlington has a movie theater and a metro entrance access point within the pedestrian only area. It also has a few restaurants and small convenience retail off this courtyard. Despite all these things in place and several 20 story residences occupying the blocks just south it’s dead in the evenings.

    I don’t think activating these pedestrian only areas is impossible but it’s not slam dunk easy either. I think they’ll need to really consider what will pull Gtown Law students over after classes and put in some kind of destination retail. Maybe another gym too.

  5. RobA

    Part of what the Zoning Commission asked for last week was more information on the retail plan – what they expected to place in those areas (as well as to increase the height of all retail bays). You also have the residential building to the west of the project that it will be able to pull from. But you’re right it’s all in the mix.

  6. ceefer

    Well, what do you expect with the DC height limits?

    When you restrict building height to a mere 130 feet or so, maximum, you don’t leave much rrom for creativity. A “tissue box” is the best we’ll get.

    You want imaginative buildings that will add to the cityscape and make REALLY dense development possible? Eliminate or at least sensibly modify the height limits.

    Until the, we get tissue boxes.