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  1. PQS

    Interesting stats. How many units are still for sale at the Madrigal? Also, was there any discussion around the future development along 3rd st and K st that’s part of the Mt. Vernon Place plan by QDC? Thanks for the post!

  2. fourthandeye

    I learned a few strategic tidbits about Mt Vernon Place but specifics on timelines wasn’t of them. I don’t think they even know. I’ll write more on this tomorrow or in a scheduled post for Saturday.

  3. pqresident

    looking forward to hearing more about Mt. Vernon Place.

  4. Joe

    I am interested in buying a unit in Madrigal. Any info on how many units are left for sale? I am wondering whether it will stay as condo given the market and other buildings such as Dumon going rental.

  5. fourthandeye


    I’m not sure precisely the what % sold Madrigal is. Might be 70% overall and maybe a higher % sold than that for 1 bedrooms. In terms of % occupied the building is a shade under 50% and close to earning our second board member position.

    Madrigal can’t go apartment at this point and I doubt it will go coop either. DuMont is a different story because no one has settled a unit there. One if not both of the DuMont buildings may go rental.