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  1. srm

    I’ve only been to Henry’s once since they opened. This was early on and it seemed like they had a ways to go in terms of the appearance of the interior and the customer service. I didn’t get to try the sweet potato pie, unfortunately, since it was sold out when I got there later in the day. The fried chicken and sides were all good. What I’d expect. I wasn’t blown over, but I should probably give it another try, and arrive earlier to ensure myself a slice of the pie.

  2. Its pretty good, the pie is super sweet – i cant eat it. I do prefer the food at UHOP, 6th & M. funny enough thats where I first heard about Henry’s pie. (“girl you cant get one piece, you’ve got to get the whole pie!”) I went to their location at 17th & T? …now that place was super funky. Food was the same, good but not UHOP.

  3. The Watcher

    Henry’s always seemed to be out of something or the other (white bread, really !?)each time I went so I gave up. I find it hard to believe that it’s owned by the same “Henry” as the one on Florida Ave NW.
    Seems like a totally different operation.
    Sweet Potato Pie ? I prefer the banana pudding, but they don’t (or didn’t) carry it at the K St location.