5 Responses to “Tony Cheng’s 5th Street property”


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  1. si

    I believe they said they were under contract for the property up to K Street.

    very interesting about the secret under the plywood. lordie just salvage it & reuse it or sell it to brass knob!

  2. Anonymous

    Here we go with people missing the point of historic preservation. Even if it ain’t pretty, it may have value to architectural historians. That said, the building is UGG-LY! At least there isn’t a tree growing out of the roof as there was when it had a roof.

  3. si

    i guess what im trying to say is its not worth preserving a fug facade for a swatch of cool material. I am all for salvage & adaptive reuse. but of course it depends on the situation. in this case …there is really nothing there.

  4. Anonymous

    From time to time, crackheads, homeless folks, guys just wanting a place to drink, etc… break into this space until 555ers see them and MPD runs them off. It is a violation of DC code to have a vacant building remain without a roof. The lack of the roof allows for the illegal activities. How does Tony Cheng get away with this????