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  1. srm

    I wonder if it will be as good as the cannolis I had in NYC over the Thanksgiving weekend. Boy, they were good! Got some in Little Italy and a small, but very popular place in New Jersey. So, yummy!

  2. FourthandEye

    Taylor fills the cannoli to order. I recommend taking it to go and putting it in the fridge to get a little colder.

    My mother’s side of the family is Italian. Growing up I had many cannolis at my grandparents house. The corner Italian bakery used to put a half a Maraschino cherry at each end of the pastry. Gave it a nice little sweet kick.

  3. Shipsa01

    Know if they’re baking them on premises or just shipping them down from Philly?

  4. RobA

    If they are bringing them down from Philly, can you ask them to stop by and bring some Brown Betty cupcakes with them as well?