5 Responses to “Christmas Tree Lot on Mount Vernon Square”


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  1. unfortunately, some condos prohibit live trees. great for homes though!

  2. JF

    Anyone know how much rent these folks pay? Who does the rent go to? DC? Or is that space owned by the National Park Service?

  3. Santa's Forest

    Hi JF – The grounds are owned by the US Government and DC. The Historical Society of DC has a 99 year lease on both the building and the grounds. We rented from HSWDC and then permitted the use for a tree lot through the city. A donation and support costs are paid for use of the space. While I prefer not to disclose the amount we paid, it was substantial. I hope you have an opportunity to come visit us. Happy Holidays.

  4. JF

    From where are the trees?

  5. Dan Maceda

    Great to see the square used if only for a seasonal purpose. Miss the market that was there for a short time last year. Wonder who JF from West Virginia knows that got the deal done. Don’t understand why a cafe like the one at the Hirschorn Plaza on the Mall can’t be set up on the plaza in front of the building.