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  1. Steven

    The Post article is confusing. It says that the building will be at “450 K St. NE, 22,000 square feet Douglas owns in NoMa.” 450 K ST *NW* is definitely not in NoMa, but 450 K ST *NE* appears to be occupied rowhouses from Google street view.

  2. FourthandEye

    @Steven – That’s why I said the Washingtonpost author confused the quadrant.

    I guarantee this is NW across from City Vista. An ANC commissioner confirmed it with Douglas.

  3. Steven

    Ah, I missed that part of your post; scanned it too quickly. I’d say the author messed up the neighborhood too, unless we got annexed by the NoMa bid!

  4. KP

    This is also great news, I hope this starts soon as it will be nice not to look at an empty parking lot across the way. I am more excited by the potential storefront across the way. More retail/food options the better

  5. chris

    Any word on the time frame? Douglas doesn’t have the greatest record at getting projects off the ground. Hopefully Kettler will help things along