2 Responses to “Citypaper: D.C. Brunch Culture Sucks”


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  1. pqresident

    I was at Busboys this Sunday for the first time and I really, really liked it. the food was a fine value and being on the patio in the sun warmed me up. the place was humming by 11 am with brunch patrons.

    Busboys has a new fan…me!

  2. Anonymous

    No, City Paper just sucks. They have really juvenile writers who bitch about how “mainstream” DC is… get a life, folks. Brunch culture here is better than most big cities, and no, you don’t have to dress up for it, or even go in the first place.

    I think they’re bitter that their angsty newpaper is going out of business… maybe a better rag will fill the void.

    As for brunches, M Street Bar and Grill and Beacon Bar and Grill are the best… delicious brunch with all you can drink bloodies and mimosas included in the price ($26). McFaddens in Gtown is even cheaper and offers the same deal.