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  1. they might want to get a spell check on mcpherson square…

  2. Richko

    And Penn-SLY-vaNNia. It’s spelled Pennsyltucky, people!

  3. FourthandEye

    Someone suggested on Prince of Petworth that the misspellings are part of the clues for the hoagie hunt. If they are that’s very subtle and I’m not connecting the dots yet.

  4. FourthandEye

    So according to the TG facebook the place to be at 2PM for the Hoagie Hunt is the White House. Not that I figured it out from the clues… but working backwards when you look at the misspelled words they all have relevance to the White House:

    Nobel (Nobel Prize winner)
    McPhearson (closest metro stop)
    Pennslyvannia (as in 1600)

  5. yellowliner

    I find this whole thing rather confusing. Couldn’t they have made it simpler? And why in the middle of the work day? Count me out.