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  1. I hope Maceda demands a count of all ballots including the special ballots. I had to fill out a special ballot that was put in a separate cardboard box, because they didn’t have my change of address.

    So – that would give her at least 1 more vote to beat Silver. I’m sure there are others.

  2. Krystal Silver

    Best wishes and good luck to you Uncle Keith! I’m keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you. You are the best man for the job!

  3. BOEE told me this morning that the totals did not include early, absentee & provisional ballots. they said 10 days. either way, with just a 3 vote margin it could skew the results in 6C01 and even in 2C03.

  4. The spread between Silver and Maceda has widened slightly to 9 votes.

  5. good job commander Silvers, your pops would be proud!!!! the silvers have been in this city for over a decade, they don’t understand!!!! luv brother rodney

  6. rodney manley

    good jom commander silvers,they don’t understand, you walked with Dr. king, your family has, been in this city for over 100 yrs thank you for long service, sgt Manley

  7. Jason

    Walking with Dr King is noble and longevity in DC is commendable – but they aren’t job qualifications for ANC. I’m sure Silver is a fine gentleman but the election is not a referendum on that matter.