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  1. washingtonydc

    I’m very excited to have Landrum in the neighborhood but I do feel a bit weary of having him compete with Chinatown Coffee Company, which I really do love and very much enjoy my time spent there. Hopefully the two establishments are different enough to not directly compete for my time and money.

  2. muckraker

    I would be really happy for some nice baked goods. There has been a sad lack of quality baked goods since Marvelous Market left Chinatown.

  3. Let’s hope it stays open past 8pm

  4. I am not a neighborhood resident, but I work across from Chinatown Coffee, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that a new coffeeshop in CityVista will have minimal impact on the weekday (read: nearby office workers) traffic at C.C., as the 3 block walk is largely prohibitive (and it’s also not directly on the H street drag east from Gallery Place Metro, which is where a decent amount of Chinatown’s walkup traffic seems to come from).

    It sounds a bit like this Landrum concept is more akin to a Marvelous Market (or even the old Mayorga at the Tivoli in Columbia Heights) than the high-end coffee market that Chinatown grabs.

    Whether there’s an impact on the weekend could be different, but it seems like with about 3-5,000 condo and apartment units between the two locations, that there should be enough business to go around.

  5. lure me away from my starbucks crack juice, please. im begging you. CV vexes me!

  6. KP

    This is great news, and I agree with the last two comments. I am hoping they have a little more than just sandwiches/salads/frozen yogurt. Any timeline on when it might open?