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  1. Totally loaded question but do you have any thoughts on the 2C03 race as it includes the very tip of the Triangle? I’ll give you my 2 cents…That tip includes a large Jemal parcel and the inevitable NPR redevelopment by boston properties into something undetermined between 6th & 7th. The current Commissioner Doris brooks is completely inept. She does not communicate with anyone via email, phone or snail mail & she is irate for good measure. She has claimed she does not represent downtown residents. I am supporting Rickey Williams for everyone in Shaw, MVSQ, the Triangle & PQ and I hope you all will too.

  2. FourthandEye

    I endorse Ricky Williams for 2C03 and Rachelle Nigro for 2C04. I just haven’t yet found the time to draft a post to articulate why. All the other postings this week have kept me pretty busy. I hope to do the post for Rickey and Rachelle by Monday.