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  1. si

    i kinda like it…but I wouldnt want to pay that electric bill

  2. Anonymous

    Does anyone have any idea what this building is for?? Why does it have no windows on an entire side of it?

  3. mediocre bad guy

    yeah, I’m pretty sure the lack of windows is because they’re eventually going to build residential on that corner.

  4. fourthandeye

    I talked with the president of the Sonata condo association briefly tonight. She said that the lack of windows on the one side of the building is indeed because they do still plan to build a residential mirror building to the Sonata on that corner. So the “Mass Ave Gateway” in the Mount Vernon Place masterplan has not been abandoned. However, it may take awhile as the site where the Madrigal Lofts trailer is sitting seems to be slated to be the next the break ground.