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  1. Kip

    Wow! I just read this question: “As a commissioner, what will your approach be to advance effective solutions in our community? Many in the neighborhood feel that the incumbent arrives at the conclusion to picket/protest far too frequently and leaves the neighborhood associations to lead the issues that require writing memos to city agencies and navigating their protocols.”

    I have to say off the top of my head..this question seems a little slanted against whoever the “incumbent” is. It clearly is directed to one or more of the candidates…the challengers! Have you already taken sides in this contest before you help us review the respective positions and records of the candidates? The possibility is really disappointing, and , in our free society, well, let me just say that it doesn’t represent our best.

    ..Somehow, there seem to be hidden forces working to move the incumbent out of the way. A lot of people in Southwest Washington feel “sold out” because they had no benefit whatever in the BIG DEALS that local groups made to CASH IN on development that screwed people that lived in those neighborhoods for 3 and 4 genrerations. Some organizations, like the one the challenger in this contest worked with, got cash contributions when they supported the big deals.

    Do big developers have a hand in this contest given the incumbent’s frequent protests to hold them to the legal requirements on neighborhood economic and job opportunity? Protesting to achieve fairness and to require enforcement of the LAW is to be welcomed and celebrated in our ANC! It’s in the spirit of the original ” ‘Boston’ Tea Party”!

    Please explain to this long time reader, just where this slant is intended to take us!

    And do you operate this blog AND OTHER BLOGS? If so, in the spirit of transparency, please identify them for your readers.

    Thanks man!


  2. FourthandEye


    Re: (paraphrashing) Was the question about picket protests slanted against the incumbent?
    The question was indeed more relevant to the incumbent. Many of the leaders in the condo buildings did not feel Silver’s continual picketing was productive or represent the community well. It was a question that needed to be discussed and Silver needed to answer for. If you feel I should have first separately challenged Silver with questions about parts of his record the community was not enthusiastic about and then limited the formal candidate question exercise solely to neutral questions I can respect that feedback.

    When I first started this process and approached the two candidates about providing biographies and doing a Q&A for the blog I did not know Marge or know of her record. I certainly hadn not reached a conclusion as to who was better suited for our ANC at that point.

    Re: do you operate this blog AND OTHER BLOGS?
    No, I do not operate other blogs.