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  1. pqresident

    now that’s what I call being convenient to the Safeway!

  2. Tim


    so city vista is the name of the entire project (which includes the L and V buildings)? were they all done by lowe? was this a development in which one builder made the master plan, or a collaboration among several builders for mutual benefit?

  3. ward8sown

    are there any plans to develop the parking lot between 5th, 6th, NY and K street?

  4. fourthandeye

    @Tim – Lowe Enterprises is responsible for the entire City Vista project. That includes the L, V, and K buildings. The parcel of land that City Vista is on was district owned. The city put out an RFP and developers submitted proposals that met the city’s goals for providing affordable housing and neighborhood serving amenities.

    @Ward8sown – Steuart Investment Properties owns the lot of land you are referring to. They have plans to develop the parcel as a 535,000 of office and retail. But the Steuart family has owned the land since the 1920s and are content to move at their own pace. Therefore it may be unlikely Steuart will break ground in this present economic downturn.

  5. Kimberly

    Any idea what rents will be? And how much will they charge for parking?

  6. Tim

    ah, thanks.

  7. Anonymous

    Any updates on the V? I may be moving to DC and am looking for a good apartment and the V looks like the place for me. The trick is to find reviews and ratings from residents. If anyone’s heard of anything, please post. Thanks!